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The Trio That’s Got Wall Street Analysts Buzzing

The stock market seems to win even when it loses. Even as a strong jobs market report Friday hints that interest rate cuts are not coming in the next few months, both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 gained several hundred points or about 1%.

After last year’s big comeback, many expected growth stocks to not power the indices higher again. But history shows stocks often have back-to-back strong performances after a down year. That’s likely because bull markets tend to run for several years while bear markets usually last for less than 18 months.

Also, that accounts for Wall Street’s bullish outlooks on most stocks. Analysts have an especially rosy outlook for the three companies below. They believe the stocks can run between 123% higher or more. Let’s see whether Wall Street found a few growth stocks that are really hidden gems to buy.

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