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3 Stock Superstars To Ride The Coming Year-End Rally

In 2022, stocks entered a bear market, as much of Wall Street entered into a panic about the Federal raising interest rates. Stocks bottomed in October 2022 as very slowly, but surely, many investors realized that the “Don’t fight the Fed” mantra was inaccurate. That’s because, in-line with my predictions, higher rates did not cause the economy to enter a recession. It also did not cause corporate profits to tumble or these stock superstars to falter.

However, just as much of the stock market was really starting to take off last summer, treasury rates began soaring. Rates ultimately rose by a percentage point. Once again, Wall Street fell back into its old habit of panicking about rates. This caused the stock market to pull back about 10%. In recent days, the market has recovered as treasury rates have stabilized and many companies reported very favorable third-quarter financial results. Consequently, I believe that Wall Street has gotten over its latest episode of “rate phobia.” Moreover, it is now beginning to focus on strong earnings and the economy’s good fundamentals. This is setting us up for a year-end rally. Here are three superstar stocks to buy to benefit from the market’s comeback.

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