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Tesla Stock May Be One To Stick In Your Portfolio

Tesla MotorsIt’s no secret that gas prices are low…extremely low. Some people believe that because gas prices are so low, consumers will no longer want to buy a Tesla electric car driving its stock down, however, today’s article explains why now may be exactly the right time to buy Tesla stock. Here’s one of the three reasons the author believes it, “…the market for autos is global and gasoline isn’t cheap everywhere. Take for example Hong Kong, where gasoline still retails for $8.50/gallon (as of 31Dec. 2014.) Or in Paris or Munich where gasoline costs $5/gallon – even though the Euro’s value has shrunk to only $1.20. Outside the USA most developed countries have a lot more demand for oil than they have production (if they have any production at all.)” To read more, CLICK HERE.