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7 Penny Stocks Primed For Huge Moves In December

Although respected financial analysts consistently steer their clients away from penny stocks, they still attract new recruits. Obviously, the allure of quick riches represents a universal temptation. As well, the boost of adrenaline or other native stimulants that speculative ventures arouse may entice and addict passersby. Call it the horror-film fascination thesis.

To be fair, though, many blue chips that we recognize as such started life off as penny stocks. So, it’s possible to get rich off this high-risk activity. It’s just that it’s not probable. Sincerely, I hope you recognize the dangers involved before you press ahead. Still, since you’ve probably already made up your mind, let’s at least direct your attention toward fundamentally sound penny stocks. Please note, I mean fundamentally sound in a relative sense; that is, relative to deliberately setting fire to your portfolio. It’s a low standard.

If I haven’t scared you off, here are seven penny stocks (possibly) primed for huge moves in December.

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