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7 Oddball Stocks To Buy That Can Surprise Investors In 2023

If you follow the advice of legendary investor Warren Buffett literally and religiously, you might not appreciate this list of oddball stocks to buy. Chances are, at least one of these names features an area that does not meet your core area of competency. And that would be a no-no for Buffett, who essentially stated to invest only in what you know.

However, I think even someone as astute and accomplished as the Oracle of Omaha will appreciate another attribute: flexibility. With many bizarre (and sometimes horrifying so) incidents occurring since the coronavirus pandemic, oddball stocks to buy have their place. By that, I’m referring to publicly traded enterprises that don’t always capture mainstream attention. Maybe they’re boring or simply appear to lack relevance.

Still, with so many transitions occurring in society, the key word here is variability. We’re going to need to be flexible, adaptable, and yes, creative. Here are some oddball stocks to buy that can surprise investors in 2023.

This post originally appeared at InvestorPlace.